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To 3100 6 VACON® NXP 0170 8. 4 Overload capability 129 9. This manual contains clearly marked cauti ons and warnings which are intended for your personal safety and to avoid any unintentional damage to the product or con-nected. Tulojen ja lähtöjen. 37 – 560 kW and supply voltages of 208 – 690 V for heavy use in machines, buildings and all 1 Board slots on the control board of Vacon NXS and NXP Figure 1.

The Vacon NXS or NXP AC drive is ready for operation. Vacon Standard I/O board (Vanished) with digital inputs/outputs and analogue inputs/outputs for expansion slot A of NXS/NXP Series Inverters. The control I/O-terminals are isolated from the mains potential. VACON® NXS is a compact AC drive in the power range of 0. 1 Definiciones de entorno en una norma de producto IEC/ENA1. The easy-to-use and robust motor controls improve the reliability and efficiency of all AC motor types, including induction, permanent magnet, and synchronous reluctance motors. VACON® 100 X features highly advanced control capability for almost all kinds of applications where a decentralized and robust solution is the best option. safety vacon • 1 24-hour support• Email: SAFETY ONLY A COMPETENT ELECTRICIAN IS ALLOWED TO CARRY OUT THE ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION!

3 Mains voltage 525–690 V (UL rating 600 V) 127 9. 33: High overload For more information, refer to the standard IECIEC:1998). Manuals and User Guides for Vacon nxs.

• FaxAT LEAST THE FOLLOWING STEPS OF THE START-UP QUICK GUIDE MUST BE. 0 B ZIP: Fieldbus Configuration Files VACON® NX OPTC4 LonWorks XIF: 11 Jan, : RL: 1. by cleaning the heatsink with compressed air whenever necessary. 5 BRAKE RESISTOR RATINGS For more information, see NX Brake Resistors User Manual. to 3100 8 VACON® NXA 0016 5. Unit 5, Bicester Business Park, Telford Road, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 4LN.

Wait 5 more minutes before doing any work on Vacon NX connections. Vacon nxs User Manual (165 pages). 37—560 kW and supply voltages of 208—690 V for heavy use in machines, buildings and all branches of industry. 3 Do not perform any voltage withstand tests on any part of Vacon NX. In IP54 units, the air filters in the door and in the roof should be cleaned or replaced regularly. Is Vacon NX maintenance free? Unit Manual Vacon NX HXL120 Cool. VACON®NXS is an AC drive for heavy use in machines, buildings and all branches of industry.

1 Introduction 12 1. What is Vacon NXS? Digital Inputs: 6 Digital Outputs: 1 Analogue Inputs: 2 (mA/V, -10 to +10V) Analogue Outputs: 1 (mA/V) Reference Outputs: +10V for Analogue Inputs, +24V for Digital Inputs. Included is VACON® Loader for updating drive firmware. VACON NX Inverter (Drive) faults There&39;s good info available in the Vacon NX manual. Board slots on control board of the Vacon NXS and NXP The control board is situated inside the control unit of the Vacon NX frequency converter.

Before connecting the AC drive to mains make su re that the powerhead of VACON ® 100 X Drive is mounted firmly on the terminal box. 9 MB PDF Fact sheet – AM Hybridization 1. 2 Do not perform any measurements when the frequency converter is connected to the mains.

6 français KB PDF Fact sheet – AM DrivePro® Spare Parts 525. vacon manuals vacon 100 vacon 100 / vacon 100 flow enclosed drives installation manual vacon 100 / vacon 100 flow wall mounted drives installation manual vacon 100 flow vacon 100 / vacon 100 flow installation manual vacon 100 flow application manual vacon nxp / nxs / nxc vacon nx all in one application manual nxp n. When a fault is detected by the inverter control electronics, the drive is stopped and the symbol F together with the ordinal number of the fault, the fault code and a short fault description appear on the display. ABOUT THE VACON NXS/P USER&39;S MANUAL The User&39;s Manual will provide you with the necessary information about the installation, commissioning and operation of Vacon NX AC drives.

VACON · 136 TECHNICAL DATA FOR NXS AND NXP H*150% H*150% 1 min 9 min Fig. Page 16: Receipt Of Delivery. RECEIPT OF DELIVERY vacon • 13 Maintenance In normal conditions, Vacon NX frequency converters are maintenance-free. The User&39;s Manual will provide you with the necessary information about the installation, commissioning and operation of Vacon NX Frequency Converters. There are five board slots (labelled A to E) on the contro l board of NXS and NXP (See User’s Manual, Chapter. During a coast stop (see the Application Manual), the motor is still generating voltage to the drive. This manual is available in both paper and electronic editions.

Typical applications include pumps, multi-pump, conveyors, compressors. 3 KB ZIP: Fieldbus Configuration Files VACON® NX OPTC6 CANopen EDS: 27 Feb, : RL. Vacon frequency vacon nxs manual français inverter NXS series is the reliable choice. • The VACON® NX All-in-One Application Manual provides greater detail on working with parameters and shows many application examples. SAFETY vacon • 7 24-hour support:• Email: 2 GENERAL WARNINGS AND NOTES WHEN WORKING WITH THE HX -UNIT These safety instructions are intended for all who work on the HX-unit. • FaxVACON NX MANUAL DE APLICACIÓN ÍNDICE Document code: ud01037 Date: 5.

9 Technical data for VACON® NXS and NXP 123 9. This video highlights the modularity of the Vacon NXS VSD. VACON ® NX -valikoima sisältää kattavan valikoiman laajennus- ja sovitinkortteja, joilla voidaan lisätä VACON® NX -taajuusmuuttajan tulo- ja lähtöliitäntöjä ja parantaa sen monipuolisuutta. These instructions include only a part of the complete safety instructions. A software tool used for commissioning, parameterization, monitoring and diagnosing VACON® 100 family and VACON® 20 family drive products. However, the relay outputs and other I/O-terminals may have a dangerous control voltage present even when Vacon NX is disconnected from mains. 1 Motor protection functions in the Basic Application 12.

3 La conformidad con la norma de producto IEC/ENA1 151 9. Vacon Nxs User Manual - cinurl. Combining innovation and high durability for the sustainable industries of tomorrow. For more information, see Vacon NX User&39;s Manual, Chapter 7. 4 KB PDF Certificate – BG EC declarat. 9 KB PDF Application guide – AB Encoder-less Safety using DOLD Module 5.

to 4140 5 VACON® NXP 0170 6. · FAX. VACON® NXS – the reliable choice VACON® NXS is a compact AC drive in the power range of 0. VACON NXP Liquid Cooled Documents Type Name Download File type Fact sheet – AM DrivePro® Extended Warranty 771. kW and supply voltages of 208—.

We recommend that you carefully study these instructions before powering up the AC drive for the first time. All the power components, including harmonic filtering chokes, are built into one compact and robust unit. See full list on danfoss. 0 MB PDF Fact sheet – AM DrivePro® Remote Monitoring 769. VACON ® NX:n tulo- ja lähtökokoonpano (I/O) on suunniteltu modulaariseksi. • The VACON® NX I/O Boards User Manual gives more information on the I/O boards and their installation. Do not even open the cabinet door before this time has expired.

Vacon NXP System Drive Hardware Manual Vacon NX Inverters FI9 14 User Manual Vacon NX IO Boards User Manual Vacon NX Brake Resistor User Manual Vacon NX Active Front End User Manual Vacon NXN NFE User Manual Vacon NX Filters User Manual Vacon NXP IP54 Control box manual Vacon NX HXS070 Cool. • vacon nxs manual français Instructions for operation with option boards and other optional equipment. Congratulations for choosing the Smooth Control provided by Vacon NX Frequency Converters! to 4140 5 VACON®. · vacon nx ac drives nxc drives user manual vacon vacon nxs manual français • 1 Tel. Stop button activated If you wish to make the Stop button a "hotspot" which always stops the drive regardless of the selected control place, give this parameter the value 1.

1 Mains voltageV 123 9. For more information on the option boards, see Vacon NX option board manual (ud741). 24-hour support:• Email: 1 Warnings 1 The Vacon NX frequency converter is meant for fixed installations only. Vacon Plc is not responsible if you use the AC drives against the instructions.

Therefore, do not touch the components of the AC drive before. The VACON® 100 INDUSTRIAL is a workhorse for a wide range of industrial applications. Read the Vacon NX Liquid Cooled User’s Manual. The control board can be powered externally (+24 V, ±10%) by connecting the external power source to either of the bidirectional terminala 6 or 12, see page 63. However, we recommend to keep the converter clean, e. 2 Características técnicas del Vacon® NXS y NXP 146 9. 2 Mains voltageV 125 9.

The Vacon NXS is a compact AC drive in the power range of 0. We recommend that you carefully study these instructions before powering up the frequency converter for. There are no fixed inputs or outputs in the control unit. About this manual 3 1 Basic Application 12 1. 6 MB PDF Certificate – BG ISO 9001 Drives BV 500F1065en.

VACON · 4 START-UP QUICK GUIDE TEL. Typical applications include pumps, multi-pump, conveyors, compressors Seven built in application packages for easy commissioning of the drive. 0 MB PDF Fact sheet – AM DrivePro® Start-up 941. VACON® 100 X drive is disconnected from mains. 5 Brake resistor ratings 130 9. Designed for long lifetimes, top performance, and full-throttle process throughput.

VACON NXC DOCUMENTS TYPE NAME DOWNLOAD FILE TYPE Fact sheet – AM DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance 1. We have 3 Vacon nxs manuals available for vacon nxs manual français free PDF download: User Manual, Manual. 2 VACON® NXS and NXP - technical data 135. Product(s) VACON® NX Liquid-Cooled AC drive Type(s) VACON® NXP 0016 5.

vacon nx ac drives all in one. The robust design incorporates effective protection against supply network disturbances. 0 KB PDF Fact sheet – AM DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance 1. 1 AC drive power ratings 123 9. VACON® NX OPTC3/C5 PROFIBUS GSD: 11 Jan, : RL: 748. Unit Manual Vacon.

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